About the Directorate

About The Directorate

The Directorate of Naval Education is one of the Directorates under the Administration Branch and is headed by an Officer of Commodore rank. The Directorate has both primary and secondary roles. The primary role of the Directorate is in training support while its secondary role is in welfare support. In the training support role, it develops the academic and intellectual endowments of naval personnel in support of naval operations. This is done through training in professional schools and Bases/Units

In the welfare support role, the Directorate runs the NN Primary and Secondary schools on behalf of the Chief of the Naval staff (CNS). The Directorate of Naval Education also maintains the Inspectorate and Education Research Division to ensure that all school standards and educational programmes are harmonized and monitored.

The Directorate of Naval Education provides policy guidelines for NN primary, secondary and professional schools and advisory roles to NOWA schools.