Name and Type of School     The official name of the school is Nigerian Navy Secondary School (NNSS) Ogbomoso. The school is a co-educational full-boarding secondary school.


Date of Establishment.           NNSS Ogbomoso was established in the 2012/2013 academic session and received its pioneer students on Saturday 13 October 2012.


Location.    NNSS Ogbomoso is located in Iresa-Asa Ogbomoso Oyo  State 49.2km from Oyo, 90.5km from Ibadan the state capital and 50.2 km from Ilorin. It occupies an expansive compound along the Ogbomoso Road and its exquisite design holds great promise of a model secondary school in these parts.


Purpose of Establishment.     The purpose of the school is to provide squalitative and affordable education for the children/wards of Naval personnel, other Services and civilians.


Leadership and Management. The school is managed by the School Management Committee headed by the Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral IE Ibas. Its pioneer and current Commandant is Navy Captain EA Ogbonnaya, who is assisted by the Deputy Commandant, Lieutenant Commander OO Owolabi. Other members of the school’s management team are; Vice Principal Admin and Vice Principal Academics.


Organisation.      NNSS Ogbomoso has a population of 144 JSS 1 students organised into 3 arms named after Nigerian Navy Ships Agu, Ayam and Barama. The students are administered in 4 houses identified for now by the colours: Red, Purple, Yellow and Blue. In due course, the houses would be named after icons of the Nigerian Navy.


School Activities. Though NNSS Ogbomoso is newly established, the school is committed to exploiting the environment and the commitment of the industrious staff, to excel both academically and in co-curricular activities. The school runs the National Basic Education curriculum. The young students are working assiduously to achieve the school’s  goal of 100 percent academic performance.

Achievements.     NNSS Ogbomoso is relatively new and has thus not participated in external examinations and competitions. However, the steady and uninterrupted of the dedicated staff tutelage manifests academic and personal confidence of the young students. The school is indeed poised for great exploits in the near future.


Ongoing Development.          Development of the school infrastructure and plant is ongoing.


Future Prospect.            NNSS Ogbomoso is still growing and has the potentials of being a pacesetter in academics and co-curricular activities in Nigeria.